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The Awakening is a role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world full of challenges.

You are one of the inhabitants of a small settlement that has survived the coming of the Darkness. Now that the world has awakened again, you can go out to explore, discover and reclaim the land for yourself and your people. The world is full of dangers, artefacts of the past and mysteries to find and solve.

The game is inspired by Slavic mythology, beliefs, and customs. You can encounter new creatures and monsters that are not typical of fantasy games, as well as some better known creatures, but with unexpected twists.

In this harsh and unforgiving world, you will find yourself battling bad weather and the environment, the dreaded wrights that assault your mind, or hordes of unliving led by Strygas and many more.
Your characters may also encounter spirits, some of whom may be friendly, some who can be bargained with, while yet others will cause you and your settlement trouble.


Triglav Studio is the official publisher of the polish version of NIBIRU.

Nibiru is a Science Fiction Roleplaying Game of Lost Memories. The game was created by Federico Sohns. Players take on the role of Vagabonds: amnesiacs lost in a massive space station, home to millions, where stories of drama and struggle are written on a daily basis.


Comrades is a tabletop RPG about life in the revolutionary underground. Based on the Apocalypse World engine, it pits players against a corrupt government, forcing them to fight from the shadows to free the people from their chains.

Our new Sci-Fi RPG project! Stay tuned for updates!

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